About Us

Welcome to the WORLD of REVO ONE. The word REVO was derived from the word REVOLUTION which means change that we at Revo constantly thrive in order to emerge stronger and better with our products offering and quality with every passing day.

REVO ONE is prominent name in Pigments & Dyes Industries. We are one of the Largest manufacturing associate in India having manufacturing units in Gujarat, India.

Revo One always follows Customer Centric Approach where we try providing customers the product depending upon there requirement. We offer them a sample of our product for there testing and satisfaction which in-turn enable us in understanding there needs in a better way.

We provide our customers the products they are looking for as per there Custom Shades and Specification or Universal Grade depending upon their requirement. Our Team of Experts are always ready in helping them to solve there Queries with Regards to Product and its Application & Quality.

Our State of art warehousing facilities have helped us to stock goods over a period of time. Our prompt response to customers queries and assisting them in there product requirements as per there required standard  along with competitive pricing have enabled us to make and retain clients over a period of time and thereby establishing a Long-term Relationship with them.


In today’s market we realize that the future lies in providing consistently superior quality products. In order to satisfy our customer with providing them world class products, we have established a well furnished R & D Lab & Q.C. department which is playing a very important role in new product development, technology upgradation and process development.


The company has been expanding its export market at a rapid pace and is now exporting to more than 30 countries around the world.

The entire group is managed by professional experts having vast experience in the field of of  pigments and dyes.